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Thomas Isaac lashes out at Suresh Gopi, BJP leader’s silly dramas

Former minister and CPM leader Thomas Isaac severely criticized Suresh Gopi. The reaction came through Facebook. His words are, ‘The drama with two old pensioners is the best example of how well planned BJP and UDF are campaigning to create false sense. If these two don’t get the pension they were getting then no one should be blamed except the UDF which is ruling their panchayat. Their names are not updated in the mustering. And how does the government provide pension?

In the meantime, some news came to Deshabhimani that they were not eligible for pension. The news was retracted, regretted and the newspaper took disciplinary action against the journalists responsible for such report. How many media outlets have even formally expressed regret over the fact that so many news stories against the Left in Kerala have turned out to be lies? But the most ridiculous thing is the actions of a BJP leader named Suresh Gopi. He visits them. Adds up. Future pension is now guaranteed from own pocket.

What are a few plays? BJP leader, has your central government managed to increase the existing 200-300 central pension by one rupee when it came to power in 2014? Isn’t the same in Kerala today? Kerala is a state that provides pension to more than 50 lakh beneficiaries. In which the central BJP government’s Nakapicha assistance is less than 10 lakh BPL families? Are you ignorant, or are you playing tricks? Now it is up to the UDF leaders. 1600 What is your contribution towards pension payment? In 2006, when the VS government came to power, the farm worker pension was Rs.120. The same will be due for 25 months. Not only did the VS government clear the arrears when it left power, but the pension was increased to Rs. Then came the Oommen Chandy government. Welfare pension increased by Rs. But 18 months were arrears. We increased that pension to Rs.1600. Out of Rs 1600, your contribution to the poor is only Rs 100. When the government had cash, there was no hesitation in increasing the pension from Rs 600 to Rs 1600. Now it will be 2500 rupees. There is a condition. BJP should be expelled from the centre. India coalition should come to power. But the Left from Kerala should reach the Parliament to support that Government of India. This politics is the only solution to today’s financial crisis.

Rakesh Sudheesan
Rakesh Sudheesan
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