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There is also an option to block. Don’t hit the Oola dialogue, I’m just proud if Gopi meant Sundar

Abhay Hiranmayi is well known to Malayalis. The actor is very active on social media. In the new post of the actor, there were questions about Gopi Sundar. The actor has given a correct answer to this. The thing said in the new post is this, everyone knows that I am a dog lover. I have raised many dogs. All domestic and non-domesticated dogs have been bred. Now mostly adoption is done. Abhay said that the dogs rescued from the streets can be adopted by those who need them through the adoption drive. These were the highlights of Animal Rescue Drive in Kochi.

At the same time, someone said that Loven was one of the dogs raised by his sister. Abhay asked who was Loven. Abhay’s reply was that I have not raised such a dog, it is a good mood. If you mean Gopi Sundar, I am proud. Don’t stop to take account of who brought up who. Go see that your wife and mother are safe at home. If the comment was made with the intention of digging a hole, there is no hole here, it is green. It is growing like a banyan tree. The root is also very strong. Abhay also said that if you stop to dig, mud will splash.

Abhay also replied to those who posted a smiling smiley. I didn’t say anything for laughs. I did not say things that would turn into laughter. I will decide in my post whether you will cry or laugh and there is an option to block. If you have come to see Dog, you should leave and don’t use Oola dialogue.

Rakesh Sudheesan
Rakesh Sudheesan
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