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The news you heard Mohanlal fans is not true, movie lovers are in despair

Chota Mumbai was a super hit film with Mohanlal-Anwar Rasheed.

Recently there were reports that the duo is reuniting after this super hit film.

There were also reports that Sushin Shyam will be composing the music for the film, which reunites the duo.

This report made Mohanlal fans excited. Movie lovers said that the film with all three will break the records of Malayalam cinema.

But now Sushin Shyam is sharing a report that will disappoint the fans who are waiting for this film.

Sushin spoke about this film during the promotion of Manjummal Boys.

It is heard that Sushin is composing the music for the Mohanlal-Anwar Rasheed film. Sush's words were when asked whether we can expect sparkly BGM in this film.

I honestly don't even know if such a project even exists. It's all just a rumble. You can't hope for something that doesn't exist.

I have never heard of such a project. Sushin said that if it has come, I will announce it myself.

Sushin's revelation has disappointed movie lovers who were waiting for the Mohanlal-Anwar Rasheed-Sushin collaboration.

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