The engine is 2500 cc, not a hundred or five hundred; Rocket 3 in India

British motorcycle brand Triumph has launched the new ‘2020 Rocket 3’ in India. Both the R and GT variants of the Rocket 3 were launched in India. The Ex-showroom is priced at Rs 18 lakh. The Rocket 3 bike is the most powerful engine for commercial sale in the world. It is powered by a 2500cc engine.

The Triumph Rocket 3 bike will make the Massive design attractive to anyone. The Rocket 3R is a high performance muscle roadster. The vehicle is built on a new aluminum frame. This makes the 2020 rocket 40kg lighter than its predecessor. The Rocket is powered by a full LED twin headlight, LED taillight, LED indicator, LED license plate light, triple exit silencer, 20-inch sporty wheel, large seats, single sided swingarm, sporty graphics and aggressive rear design.

The vehicle will be available in two colors – Red and Black. The suspension has an upside down fork and a rear monoshock for a comfortable ride. The front has a 320mm disc on the front and a 300mm disc brake on the rear. The car also features Corning ABS, Traction Control, Hill Hold Control and Cruise Control. Currently, there is no direct competitor in the Indian market, the Triumph Rocket.

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