The daughter of a superstar with a strong warning against those who make bad comments

The daughter of a superstar with a strong warning against those who make bad comments

Aamir Khan is one of the most popular actors in Bollywood. Aamir Khan has done a number of socially relevant films while doing superstar films simultaneously. Aamir Khan is not only an actor, but also an accomplished producer, director and screenwriter. Ira Khan is the daughter of Aamir Khan. Ira Khan is also one of the most active stars on social media.

Ira Khan shared a video on social media on the occasion of International Mental Health Day on October 10. The actress’ daughter has revealed that she has been suffering from depression for years and has struggled to get rid of it. But the player faced a massive cyber attack. A lot of people commented below the video saying that all this is to get cheap publicity. Though such comments have been omitted as much as possible, the actor has now come up with a response.

The actress came up with the response on her Instagram story. The actor has warned that the comments of those who post such comments will be removed and they will be blocked. Ira Khan says in his Instagram story that such comments are not affected in any way. A lot of people commented that it would be better to remove such comments.

Ira Khan is very active on social media. The actress is also a good tattoo artist. Recently, all the pictures shared by the actress went viral. The question that fans are asking me is whether to get into acting. But Ira Khan himself has often said that he has no interest in acting. The actor has also stated that he is more interested in other technical areas of cinema.

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