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Terrorist organization bans Somalia from making samosa

Samosa is a very popular snack all over India. Apart from India, this snack is very popular in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. Samosas are also available in some Western countries today. The fact that it is available in both veg and non-veg flavors makes this dish a favorite.

However, samosa is banned in the African country of Somalia. Any citizen of the country who prepares or eats this dish will face severe punishment. Samoosa is banned by Al-Shabaab, a terrorist organization in Somalia. This is the organization that is leading the current civil war in Somalia. Samoosa has been banned in Somalia since 2011.

The organization has yet to give any official explanation for banning the samosa, but it has cited its triangular shape as the reason. They argue that it is similar to the concept of ‘Holy Trinity’ (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) according to the Christian faith. They argue that the samosa is completely ‘western’.

The flavor of samosa was introduced by Arab traders from Central Asia in the 10th century. This is mentioned in a book written in the 10th century. It is believed that Samosa was born in Egypt. Later from here it reached Libya and the Middle East. Samoosa was very popular in Iran until the 16th century. Indo-Persian Sufi singer Amir Khusro also states that this dish was a favorite of the Mughals as well.

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