Tata Tigor Electric Sedan Launched With 213 Kms Range

Tata Motors’ electric vehicle era began with the popular sedan model Tigor. The test vehicle, which arrived earlier this year, is now on the market.
The Tigor EV has been built with the ability to travel up to 213kmph in one go. There are three variants of Tigor’s electric version, priced at Rs 9.44 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).
The look of the Tigor has also changed with the addition of electric power. Exterior changes include the new grille, alloy wheels, EV badging and fork fin antenna with the EV badging version.

The interior is painted in black and gray colors. The Tigor EV is a Harman stereo. The interior also features two airbags, a speed alert and a seat belt alert for safety. It has a fast and cheap charging system.

The Foster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (FAME) scheme to promote electric vehicle is eligible for subsidy. The deductible amount of the subsidy is advertised as the showroom price.

Earlier, the sale of the Tigor EV was restricted to government and taxi owners. The new Tigor is also available to the public. Old Tigor was available for 142km on a one-time charging.

As a first step, Tata Electric Tigor will be available in 30 cities across India. But it is expected to hit the country in the coming months.

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