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Tata Omate set to launch new smartwatch for Kids – Omate X Nanoblock

Tata Communications has teamed up with Omate for bringing children’s smartwatch – Omate X Nanoblock. The Smartwatch comes with instant – secure – global connectivity features. The MOVE – IoT Connect SIM is inbuilt by Tata Communications and Omate x Nanoblock comes handy for parents, while tracking the location of children. The messages and video calling data are all end to end encrypted and ensure maximum security for users.

Along with security features, Omate X Nanoblock packs the likes of health track functions, alarms and schedules. While launching the API enabled automated MOVE – IoT device, officials maintained that the smartwatch could come in handy at this age, when cybercrimes are on an increasing note. Omate X Nanoblock will be showcased at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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