Tamil actor and director Bhagyaraj and his wife are the victims of Kovid

Tamil actor and director Bhagyaraj and his wife are the victims of Covid

Shantanu Bhagyaraj is one of the most beloved stars of Kerala. Shantanu played an important role in the movie Angel John starring Mohanlal. Shantanu’s father is Bhagyaraj, a famous Tamil director and actor. Bhagyaraj is also known to the Malayalees through the movie Mr. Marumakan starring Dileep in the lead role. Kovid was positive for Bhagyaraj and his wife the other day.

Now his son Shantanu has arrived as a parental health update. “Currently, there is nothing wrong with either of them, but things can change at any time,” he said. The actor also reminds us that post-Kovida issues are likely to develop. Many people get the disease without showing any symptoms. But then many problems arise.

“My parents Bhagyaraj and Purnima Bhagyaraj are Kovid positive today. I and the staff at our house are now self-monitoring. Those who have been in contact with us for the last ten days are kindly requested to go for voice monitoring. Please, everyone should pray for their recovery, ”Shantanu Bhagyaraj tweeted.

Poornima Bhagyaraj is the favorite actress of Malayalees. Purnima was the heroine of Mohanlal’s first film, Flowers in the Snow. Later, the actor joined Tamil cinema. Years later, Mohanlal and Poornima acted together in Zilla.