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Swapna Suresh’s audio is out in the media

Swapna Suresh, the controversial lady, alleged to be the master brain behind the smuggling of gold through the diplomatic passage, has released her audio clip before the media. In the audio, she said that she was innocent in the issue. Maintaining that, she had no involvement with the gold smuggling gang, Swapna Suresh’s audio clip further added that political parties were targeting her for their political mileage.

Maintaining that the targeted attack in the media has led her to depression, Swapna Suresh’s audio said that no politician’s career would be affected by this controversy; it would only affect the lives of the family of her, consisted of four members including her. Requesting the media to stop spreading fake news related to her, Swapna Suresh said that her only involvement with the issue was that of calling the AC in the diplomatic cargo, requesting to clear the baggage.

While commenting on why she absconded, the audio clip stated that she fled from the place out from fear. Pointing to the abuses and threats that her family had been facing for the past some days, Swapna’s audio clip ended by saying that it might end up with the suicide of her and the family.