Suresh Gopi himself came on the scene with the appeal of the fans against Prithviraj

Suresh Gopi himself came on the scene with the appeal of the fans against Prithviraj

The controversy is that two films are being made in Malayalam with the same script. Both the films are based on the life of a real person named Kuruvachan.

One is a movie starring Suresh Gopi. It was this film that first started getting ready on the set. However, the first film to be officially announced was Prithviraj starrer Tiger.

Both films later caused a great deal of controversy and eventually went to court. Prithviraj’s film got a favorable verdict from the court. The court also did not allow Suresh Gopi to use the film’s title.

But producer Tomichan Mulakupadam is adamant that he will not give up. The new name of the film will be announced at 6 pm today. Tomichan Mulakupadam had earlier said on Facebook that there would be no change in the script or the cast.

This was followed by a large number of negative comments on Suresh Gopi’s Facebook page. Many of these were personal targets of Prithviraj. Now Suresh Gopi himself is responding to these controversies.

“I urge everyone not to let this become a fan fight. Prithviraj Sukumaran is the favorite actor of Malayalees. What we need to do now is to move forward in a way that does not harm the survival of the people, including myself, who make a living from the medium of cinema.
Let both movies go.
Both have different scripts. Hopefully both will be great filmmakers.

Believing that my film and Prithviraj’s film will be accepted, I beg you not to be a fan war with a competitive intellect. ” – Suresh Gopi says in the comment.

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