Sreesanth Revealed Actor Bala’s second wife’s picture; Fans greet Bala and Dr Elizabeth

Bala is an actor who came to Malayalam cinema with the film ‘Kalabham’. He later starred in several films in several languages. The actor was played different roles as hero and villain. Bala is still active in cinema. The actor reached out to the audience through the Tamil film ‘Anbu’. Meanwhile, the actor had recently spoken about his second marriage. The bride’s name and other details were not released at the time. The couple had announced that the marriage would take place on September 5.

But in a surprise move, cricketer Sreesanth revealed the picture of Bala’s wife. Sreesanth has introduced the girl to the audience. Sreesanth and his wife can also be seen in the photo shared by him on social media. But the bride’s other details were not disclosed. In the video, Sreesanth introduces Dr. Elizabeth himself as Bala’s wife. Sreesanth’s video has been shared on social media by Bala. The photo went viral in an instant, Afterward, the fans came on the scene to greet the couples.

Following the release of the picture, many celebrities came to congratulate their beloved boy and Elizabeth. This is followed by a comment ‘Good luck to Ballettan and Chechi’. Bala’s post received positive comments such as ‘Live well’. This is the first time a photo of Bala’s second marriage has been released.

Meanwhile, on August 27, 2010, Bala married singer, Amrita Suresh. Their daughter was born in September 2012 but after living apart for three years, the couple divorced in 2019. Their divorce was big and unexpected news for the audience.