Image Credit: Indianexpress

Sony unveiled three new audio systems

Sony has launched three new audio systems in an all in one box form factor. The systems, MHC – V41D, MHC – V71D and MHC – V81D, are respectively priced at INR 30,990, INR 41,990 and INR 51,990. As far as the former is concerned with, it has got the feature of spreading sound and party light on the top, along with speaker light. On the other hand, the latter two systems have got a 360 degree live sound as well as 360 degree party and speaker lights.

Interestingly, there is a ‘Taiko Game Mode’ for making the sound more interactive one. All these box speakers have got an HDMI output, while they also come with an integrated DVD player as well. The Dolby Digital sound will fetch you Clearaudio+ and Surround Sound.

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