Roshan Andrrews’s assistant director against John Alwin John


The news report of Roshan Andrrews having a tussle with John Alwin, has gone onto shook the entire film industry. Son to producer Alwin Antony, the issue with John Alwin, has now landed Roshan Andrrews to face a ban from the producer’s association. Well, a new development has happened in the case, as an assistant director of Roshan Andrrews has come forward to give evidences against John Alwin. The lady, who has assisted Roshan Andrrews in some projects, maintained that she holds the audio records of evidences against John Alwin, who had reportedly spoken at length against the lady and Roshan Andrrews in defamatory manner.

Going in line with the words of the lady, John Alwin had misbehaved with her, which was questioned by Roshan Andrrews. Well, it has reached to a stage, where John Alwin had started to develop a grudge with Roshan Andrrews. The producer’s son has reportedly threatened the lady and Roshan Andrrews.


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