Responses received by Fahad who changed his profile picture to minister KK Shailaja

Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja Teacher’s picture, which has been featured in Vogue India’s Woman of the Year ‘series, appeared in the magazine a few hours ago when actor Fahad Fazil made a profile picture of his Facebook page. Fahad, who did not publicize his political views so much, has now taken this position, much to the surprise of many.

Many people came to the comment box praising the actor for publicizing his stance on feminist and leftist politics. But few of them are criticizing the actor. Such people express right-wing and far-right positions through their comments. They say that no one should see Fahad’s pictures anymore.

They are threatening in the comment box that they will block the release of Fahad’s films. And some people put interesting sarcastic comments under Fahad’s post. One scholar in the group commented, “How many times have I seen his ‘kammattippadam’ and ‘Charlie’ … now I’ll never see it no more” Another commented, “I lost interest in Nazriya because of your actions.”