Ravi Teja's new Telugu movie Malayalee heroine, what's your problem baby?

Rajisha Vijayan is the heroine in Ravi Teja’s new Telugu movie, Fans asks what’s your problem?

If the reports are true, Rajisha Vijayan, the favorite of the Malayalees, is all set to make her Telugu debut. Rajisha won critical acclaim for her Tamil film Karnan. Dhanush played the lead role in this film. Rajeesh’s performance in the lead role has been hailed on social media and by critics alike. We can say that Rajisha has the best script selection. He is also a state award winner.

The actress won the State Award for Best Actress for her debut film Anuraga Karikin Vellam. The film also stars Asif Ali, Biju Menon and Asha Sarath in the lead roles. According to reports, the film will star Ravi Teja, a Telugu Maharaja star. Newcomer Sarath Mandava is expected to direct the film.

According to reports, Divyansha Kaushik is the heroine of the film. This has been officially confirmed. The music director of the film will be Sam, who is well known to the Malayalees through the Tamil film Kaithi. Satyam Suryan, a well – known Kannada cinematographer, is the cinematographer for the film.

This is almost certain to be a thriller film. Crack is Ravi Teja’s latest release in Telugu. It was a super hit. It can be described as the best comeback for the star. Filming is set to begin as soon as the situation improves and government controls are lifted. It is expected to be released by the end of next year. The producers say that the film will not be released soon.