Rajinikanth - The actor's shocking announcement that he is ready to end his film career

Rajinikanth – The actor’s shocking announcement that he is ready to end his film career

There is no other answer to the question of who is the biggest superstar in Indian cinema other than Rajinikanth. He has been a symbol of Tamil cinema for the last 50 years. But the actor has not been very active in cinema for some time. Another fact is that there are health problems. He had made a political announcement but even the political party had turned him down just before the election. Rajinikanth’s entry into politics has been a hotly debated topic since the 1990s. After decades of rumors and controversy, Rajinikanth’s fans were finally shocked to learn of his decision to leave politics. Rajinikanth, who has a number of health problems, decided to stay out of politics after doctors warned him that his involvement in politics would be “extremely harmful” to his body.

According to him, Rajinikanth is slowly moving away from politics and cinema. He is currently starring in Siruthai Siva’s Annathai. The film stars Keerthi Suresh and others. Filming has been stalled for a long time. Filming resumed after the lockdown period but the shooting was intermittent as Kovid was positive for the cast, including Rajinikanth. Now it is time for Rajinikanth to open his mind about his future plans.

“Kovid wants to do one or two more films if the situation is limited. But it is not certain whether the mind is in a position to hear what the body is saying. He is currently working on a film titled Annathe. Everything after that is left to God, ”he was quoted as saying in the Rajini style, according to Tamil media reports.

Kabbali was released in the year 2015. It was probably the most hyped film of Rajinikanth’s career. But the film could not satisfy the fans. After this, Rajinikanth’s Tamil Nadu market plummeted. None of the later Rajinikanth films were well received. Even the films including Enthiran 2 did not break even the first day collection of Vijay’s Sarkar film. Pete is considered as one of the best films of Rajinikanth’s career. However, Pete’s final collection was less than an average film, as Ajith believed. Many directors are waiting for Rajinikanth’s date. But the Tamil Nadu audience is eager to know what decision the superstar will take next.