Pictures of the star of the wedding eyebrow and unsung pinky viral

Pictures of the star of the wedding eyebrow and unsung pinky viral

Manish Mahesh is one of the favorite stars of Malayalees. Manisha is the star of the Malayalam serial ‘Patatha Paingkili’. She is also one of the stars who captivated the minds of the Malayalees in a very short period of time. The character in the serial ‘Paatatha Paingkili’ is getting good reviews.

Manisha is also very active on social media. Manisha constantly shares all her new experiences with her fans. Currently, the images uploaded by the actress on Instagram are going viral. Manisha shared pictures of herself in a wedding dress on Instagram. The images were uploaded on social media in a matter of seconds.

Manisha has been active in modeling for the past several years. The serial ‘Paatatha Paingkili’ has been aired on Asianet since September 7. Paingkili is one of the top five most watched serials in Malayalam in the first week of its airing on Asianet.

Manisha plays the role of Kanmani in the serial. The serial tells the story of a girl who has to grow up as a foster daughter in a big house. Kanmani is being raised by her family like her own daughter. But a number of nieces and nephews came to the house and made Kanmani’s life tense. Manisha’s performance has been receiving rave reviews from the audience.

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