OnePlus only in India; Consumers are a trusted brand

There are over 1,000 brands in the Indian smart phone market. But OnePlus has now become the most trusted brand in the premium segment. Reports suggest that the distance between them and their rivals is likely to increase in the coming years. The company has come up with a claim that it will offer better features than its competitors’ flagship phone. The OnePlus has been brought to the Indians in spite of its features and the fact that it is relatively cheap.

This is evidenced by a survey of 91mobiles. The majority of people surveyed want their next phone to be OnePlus. This shows that OnePlus is making moves for their brand fans. The study predicts OnePlus will grow 12 percent in the coming years.

One of my favorite features of OnePlus is Quick Charging. Survey participants say OnePlus is the best in the industry.

One of the happiest users is also OnePlus

According to the study, OnePlus is the most highly customized company that says they will stay in this brand, just as many people want their next phone to be OnePlus. 8 out of 10 people using OnePlus are happy. In this regard, OnePlus tops the list, beating out top phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung to Realmi.

OnePlus is also one of the most popular Android phone users. 69.6% of the respondents expressed their satisfaction. 88% of OnePlus users surveyed were impressed with their phone’s overall performance.

OnePlus also received better marks than others in the after sales service. OnePlus also retained the brand name of the money earning brand. According to the survey, more than 80% of all OnePlus users have chanted “OnePlus,” once and for all.

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