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Ola Electric has acquired taken over Etergo

Ola Electric, under the online taxi company Ola, has taken over Amsterdam-based scooter manufacturer Etergo. Etergo is the first scooter in the world to run on the Android App. Ola would now own the Etergo’s technical expertise, design and copyright through its acquisition.

There are reports that the acquisition is expected to cost $ 9.2 billion (about Rs 690 crore). This is seen as part of the plans to launch an electric scooter in Indian market next year. Etergo’s scooter, which uses a high-power battery, has a capacity of up to 240 km/ h. The vehicle also comes with an inbuilt GPS and 4G connectivity. While commenting on the takeover, Ola Electric founder Bhavish Aggarwal said that after Covid, electric vehicles would make a great deal and the company wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity.

Abin K Surendran
Abin K Surendran
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