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New Warranty Options for Hyundai Kona

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) has revamped the warranty package of the electric SUV Kona. Hyundai is now offering the Wonder Warranty package available for the Ora, Grand i10 Nios, Verna and Creta. In the Wonder Warranty package, Hyundai allows the user to choose the warranty condition they prefer based on the car usage and the distance they can drive.

The warranty possibilities offered by Hyundai are three years or unlimited distance, four years or 60,000 km and five years or 50,000 km. In addition to newer vehicles, existing vehicles can also take advantage of the Wonder Warranty at no extra cost. Hyundai only stipulates that the distance covered by the vehicle must be within warranty limits.

Hyundai, meanwhile, says the Kona’s battery will last for eight years, or 1.60 million kilometers, regardless of the Wonder ‘s warranty. At the time of launch, Hyundai had also given Kona a three-year or unlimited mileage warranty. However, with the implementation of the ‘Wonder Warranty’ package, vehicle owners will be able to choose a plan based on their usage. Hyundai also offers coverage for a maximum of five years.

In addition, Hyundai has installed 7.2 kW AC charging facility at around 50 dealerships in 30 cities across the country. Hyundai estimates that the battery can be fully charged in six hours and 10 minutes with this basic charger that comes with the Kona. In addition, for the first time in India, Hyundai has set up an on-vehicle charging system. The service is currently available in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore, ensuring battery charging facility anywhere and anytime. Hyundai plans to bring a portable charger in collaboration with a roadside assistance division partner to charge the battery in an emergency.

The electric SUV Kona is powered by an electric motor connected to the front wheels. The maximum power of this motor is 136 bhp and 395 Nm of torque. The Kona, which has a range of 452 km on a single charge, is priced between Rs 23.76 lakh and Rs 23.95 lakh in Delhi. Kona is the only competitor to the MG Z SEV in the Indian electric vehicle market, which is in its infancy; The ZS, meanwhile, comes with a five-year, unlimited warranty.

Prashant P Patil
Prashant P Patil
Senior Journalist
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