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Mollywood wishes Murali Gopy a very happy birthday

Like father, like son! Now, that would be an apt caption to describe the monumental figure of Murali Gopy. Born to the legendary figure of ‘Bharat Gopy’, it should have been a tough journey for Murali Gopy to live up to the expectations from the film world. Well, today, as the actor – writer has turned 49, had Bharat Gopy been alive today, he would have been one of the proudest father figures in Malayalam cinema. That is the kind of phenomenal growth that Murali Gopy has achieved over the years – during the course of establishing his identity. Often hailed as one of the toughest nuts to crack right now herein Mollywood, Murali Gopy is a highly respected figure, that the stars have all taken social media spaces to wish him, a very happy birthday.

Not every films penned by him might have shaken the box office, but it is highly unlikely that one would question the intelligence of the writer. On the contrary, a sizeable section of the movie going public has acknowledged their incapacity to perceive what Murali Gopy has conceived. As a writer and actor, the hugely talented artist continues to amaze the film going public. Well, curious about how the birthday boy sees this day?