Image Courtesy: Kerala Police Facebook

Misuse of pictures and videos of teachers: Police warned Social Media

Kerala police have warned social media over the misuse of the pictures and videos of teachers who have conducted online classes through the KITE Victers channel. Informing the public through the official facebook page, Kerala Police has made it clear that they would take strong legal actions against those who engage in such activities. The Facebook Note by the Kerala Police further added that people should refrain themselves from actions that demoralizes the teaching community, who have jumped into such a tough situation and prevent students across the state from getting demotivated. Advising youngsters and elders to set examples before growing children, Kerala Police highlighted the social relevance of the innovative and actions taken in the field of online education.

Earlier, it was due to Covid pandemic that the Kerala government decided to come up with new initiatives in the field of online education. As the authorities are yet to get an idea about the date in which schools and colleges can be reopened, the online platforms are expected to supplement the initiatives in the educational sector in the state. Anyhow, the mainstream society has made some strong remarks at the anti social behavior of a certain section of the society, who abused the teaching community by means of pictures and videos of teachers taking classes online.