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Mine came in this set. Surya usually leaves after eating biryani. Is Surya a boring husband? Mammootty on love

Kathal The Core is the latest film of Mammootty’s star collaboration. It will hit the theaters from November 23. Mammootty is playing the lead role in the film and is playing the role of Mathew Devassy. Mammootty and Jyothika are talking to the media when they reached the promotion of the film. There are many levels to saying this love. The star says that each has different levels and when that love comes in the family, it is the same. Family is a different concept. Within that, differences of opinion, matches and disagreements can certainly occur between husband and wife. But there must be love in it.

Another thing is that when we give and accept each other, the strength of the relationship between husband and wife increases and the meaning really comes. It should be the same in this movie. There are reasons for that. It is a must watch for movie watchers. Only if you watch the movie, you will understand how the family in this is. Yes, this is what Jyothika said, it has been ten and forty years since her marriage. We will always talk, talk about what we need and what we don’t. There is no one else but us. Who else to talk to, then we will talk- When Mammootty says, Jyothika is talking about Suriya. A relationship can only work if there is mutual respect for each other. It is said that we should learn to appreciate each other.

Jyothika has said in some interviews that Surya is a boring husband, and when asked by reporters if he is really boring, Jyothika says that he is a man who talks very little, never. We are good friends. Mine came in this set. Jyothika says that she leaves after eating biryani.

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