Image Courtesy: YouTube

Marriage with Deepthi Pillai – GP was cheated..?

Govind Padmasoorya, or popularly known as GP, is one of the most popular faces for Malayalees. It was in the last week that a picture of him and actress Deepthi Pillai has gone viral. In the picture, both of them were seen in a bridegroom costumes. In no time, the picture has gone viral, suggesting that GP and Deepthi got married. Subsequently, the actor was under the radar of questions from various corners. In order to answer them all, the actor has come up with a video through his YouTube channel.

During the video, GP maintained that the particular picture was taken as part of a reality show of ‘Zee Kerala’, in which both he and Deepthi are judges. The concept of the photo-shoot and skit, as was explained by GP, was to probe the deceptive nature of social media. The actor however maintained that, what happened later, was contrary to his expectations. He added that one of the crew members, who was there, took a snap of the photo-shoot and uploaded it in the social media, that too without having the watermark of the channel. GP also said that he was really unhappy with the way in which things were handled by the crew members, due to which people who love him have gone through some tough times. It has to be seen how the representatives of ‘Zee Kerala’ are going respond to the revelations made by GP.