Mamukoya and his wife announced the new news and greeted the Malayalees

Mamukkoya and his wife announced the new news and greeted by the Malayalees

There are many actors who amazed the Malayalee audience with their Kozhikode Malayalam style. But they are all behind the artist Mamukoya. Mamukoya’s ability to burst into laughter in the minds of the audience with his unique language is noteworthy. Mammootty has acted in many Malayalam movies and is still active in the Malayalam film industry. Probably many of the dialogues that Malayalees still remember and laugh at were born out of this artist.

Mamukoya is an actor who can be described as an evergreen comedian in the field of Malayalam cinema where many comedians have flourished. The main feature is that there is no fortress of his, heard at any time. In 1982, S.C. Vaikom got a role in the movie Surumayitta Kannukal directed by Konnanad on the recommendation of Mohammad Basheer. Later, Sathyan Anthikkad became a busy actor in movies. Mamukoya is one of the few actors who can act very naturally.

Mamukoya was not ready to give up her unique style no matter what roles she played. Mamukoya was used by the Malabar Muslim language, whether a sage or a Brahmin. This is the reason why his pure humor wins. Today, Mamukoya is the main heroine of life. Today is the 49th wedding anniversary of him and his wife Suhara.

Mamukoya celebrated her wedding anniversary by cutting a cake with her wife Suhara. He sat his wife down and sang and cut the cake and put some sweets in Priya Beavis’ mouth. This video is currently going viral on social media. Many fans came on stage to congratulate the actor and his wife. In an instant, the video became a wave on social media.