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Lucifer Vs Madura Raja: Shine Tom Chacko’s fitting reply to social media user

Fan fights are quite normal in any industry. Traditional fan fights have already taken its digital shape and this has made celebrities at a close range for common folks. Actor Shine Tom Chacko has come forward with sharing one such an instance, wherein he had to counter a fellow fan of Mohanlal. The fellow user was seen quite disturbed over Shine Tom Chacko’s appreciatory comments on Madura Raja. While sharing a screenshot of a series of personal messages that he had received from the user, Shine Tom Chacko maintained that he doesn’t need to convince people like the guy, who messaged him.

Making it clear that he has always been an ardent fan of Mohanlal, Shine Tom Chacko however said that he had known Mammootty on a personal level for some time. According to Shine Tom Chacko, since he had worked with Mammootty and known his love and care, nothing does matter to him, not even box office numbers. Upon posting, social media has turned up to appreciate Shine Tom Chacko for the kind of fitting reply that he had given to fanatics, who tarnishes the images of stars they represent.

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