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Like girlfriends, Kajol and Rekha are both in the same outfit – do you know what the fuss was about when these pictures came out 25 years ago?

Kajol Rekha was one of the leading actresses in Bollywood. They were once an integral part of Hindi cinema. Kajol was the heroine in many movies starring Shah Rukh Khan. All these films created a big wave in Kerala as well. That is why Kajol is well known to the Malayalees as well.

Husband of Hindi superstar Ajay Devgn Kajol. The actress had taken a break from filming after her marriage. He later made a strong comeback but could not shine much in the film. At the same time, Rekha is considered as one of the best actresses in Indian cinema. She is the heroine of Amitabh Bachchan and others. At present, they only do mother roles in movies. Characters who get more than they get and have no significance. But once upon a time, both of them were an integral part of Hindi cinema. There is a big controversy in Bollywood between these two.

When you think about it today, it’s all comedy. Controversies created without any need. The controversy was sparked by a photo shoot between the two. They appear in the films as lovers to each other. They appear in detail in some films. Both arrive wearing a t-shirt. These films caused a great deal of controversy in Bollywood. Such films caused a great deal of controversy in the community at the time.

It can not be said that the society is very advanced even today. But a small group of people began to think rationally. Today, perhaps, such photoshoots do not cause controversy. Not only does it not cause controversy, but a lot of photoshoots like this are coming out every day. Social media is getting all the best in it. Yet a section of people are still going through itching. Some idiots who preach the culture that came under it when they see photos like this. In any case, it will take them a while to get up.

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