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Lalettan is Someone who Lives with No Complaints , Says Wife Suchitra

I am a big fan of Mohanlal then and now. In the early days of my marriage, I could not talk to him. It was incredible that I got into this great man’s life. It took several days for that surprise to change.

My father Balaji was very proud of Lal as an actor and his daughter’s husband. If Lal learns that he is coming, he will make his father ask him what food he wants. He used to eat ice cream often at one o’clock in the night. By the time my father bought the fridge full of ice cream!

When I was pregnant, I would go alone to see a doctor. All those who wait there are with their husbands. I once said that I should be taken to the doctor. No doctor on arrival! But it was time to see the children in the hostel.

Mohanlal, son Pranav, daughter Vismaya and wife Suchitra

With Lockdown coming on, it’s been home for so many days for the first time in life. I have been sleeping for a long time making everything I like. Due to the congestion, the time cannot come. He’s been making my food for two months now. You can learn how to cook on many days. Lalattan has its own cuisine and flavors. When all my friends put their food on Whatsapp, I put it on my husband. I never dreamed it would happen. The children are happy to have their father so close.

The man in the house is still the same today; Not much has changed. Someone who lives with no complaints.

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