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KSRTC-SWIFT Bus Driver and Conductor Skip Duty ; Commuters stranded for nearly 5 hours

A group of commuters were stranded for nearly four hours on account of a driver and conductor of KSRTC-SWIFT bus skipped duty and cleared out by switching off their mobile phones.There were nearly 25 passengers including candidates appearing for PSC exams.The bus which was supposed to leave by 5:00 PM took off from the depot at 9:30 PM. They were tried reaching out multiple times by the officials concerned .

Passengers staged a a sit-in at the depot resenting over the delay which in turn created delaying of other bus services in the depot. Later depot authorities at Pathanapuram were informed and two employees from that depot arrived and the issue was resolved.The disagreements of KSRTC workers’ unions with government was supposed to be the cause of the abscondment of the driver and the conductor.

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