Kerala PSC LDC & LGS Syllabus leaked on social media before coming in the official site

Kerala PSC alleged leak of exam syllabus for coming months. The syllabus of LDC and LGS exams was leaked. Candidates complained that the syllabus was received on social media and in some training centers before coming to the official site. However, the PSC explained that the incident was not unusual and that it did not know how the syllabus approved by the chairmen reached the social media.

The revised syllabus of LDC and LGS exams will be released this morning. Released through the official site. But since last night, the full syllabus has been circulating on social media. PSC with a lot of changes. Candidates are concerned about how the prepared syllabus has appeared in the WhatsApp and Telegram groups of private training institutes.

All the official information like examination notification, syllabus and rank list are published through the newsletter or through the official website of PSC. Candidates allege that the incident was unnatural. They also demanded an investigation into how private companies get it before it is officially released. Candidates are worried that if the syllabus is leaked today, it will be a question paper tomorrow.

However, the PSC explained that the PSC syllabus was officially approved yesterday and the incident was not unusual. But PSC does not have a clear answer as to how the syllabus, which was handed over only at the departmental level, came out.