Kerala Police Headquarters Closed for 2 Days

Thiruvananthapuram: The police headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram was closed for two days. The action comes in the wake of the reception SI being diagnosed with the disease yesterday. The headquarters will be reopened after disinfection. The explanation is that it will not affect the activity as it is a holiday. The DGP has directed that those above the age of 50 should not be assigned to Covid duty. The DGP has directed the district police chiefs.

Meanwhile, in the context of the continuing spread of the disease in the coastal areas, more people will be examined today at the old age home in Pulluvila where 35 people were diagnosed with the disease yesterday. Twenty-seven inmates, six nuns and two staff members were diagnosed with the disease yesterday.

In five days, more than 20 cases have been reported in Anchutheng and five adjoining shops in Kadakkavur. In Neyyattinkara, Pallithura and Thumpa, more cases of contact sickness were reported yesterday.