KEAM 2018 Forgot Key Number : How to Recover ?

KEAM 2018 Forgot Key Number : How to Recover ?: The Key Number provided at the candidate portal of KEAM 2018 is required only for registering the Option. If you have already taken the printout and missed/forgot the Key Number, it will be available at your home page during the Option Registration time only.

Steps for for Recovering KEAM 2018 Key Number :

1. Logon to KEAM 2018 – Candidate Portal with your Application Number and Password.
2. Click on Option Registration, if available at the home page.
3. Click on ‘Forgot Key Number’ link.
4. Select an option for getting One Time Password either to Mobile Number or Email ID. Remember, the OTP will be sent to your registered Mobile or registered Email only.
5. Type the OTP received in your mobile or email as you opted.
6. The Key number will be displayed on the screen.
7. After write down the Key Number, close the screen.