Kallada Bus controversy continues: Yet another attack incident reported

The controversial news reports coming from Kallada seem not going to take a rest these days. In line with the attack on passengers, here comes another report of a youngster being attacked in Kozhikode by the staff members of Kallada. Sources suggest that the youngster was subject to the attack over the reason of not giving side for the Kallada bus. Well, even worrisome was the report that police officials were reluctant to lodge a complaint against Kallada; rather, they threatened back the youngster of the aftermath of the complaint registered by the staff members of Kallada against him. Higher authorities are expected to take strict actions are in the coming days.

Meanwhile, owner of Kallada = Suresh Kallada was subject to the questioning by the police department for over five hours. During the course of events, he denied all such charges levied against him. Adding that all such incidents happened without his knowledge, Suresh Kallada maintained that he had immediately suspended the staff members, who misbehaved with passengers. While reacting to the reporters, police officials said that they haven’t received any visible evidence against Suresh Kallada in the case, while the questioning of the staff members would continue for a detailed probe.

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