June 30: Oil prices remained unchanged

The oil prices in the country took yet another day of rest. The prices of both diesel and petrol remained unchanged. This is only the second occasion this month that the oil prices in the country didn’t hike ever since the prices have started increasing on June 7th. So far, the prices of diesel and petrol have increased by Rs. 10.54 paisa and Rs. 9.18 this month.

Ever since the oil prices in the country started getting increased from June 7 onwards, the price of oil never took a dip, with the exception of June 24th, when the price of petrol remained unchanged, whereas diesel continued its hike. It was form June 2017 onwards, which the Oil Marketing Companies in India gained the control over the price of oil.

The revised price of oil in Kochi,

Petrol: 80.69

Diesel: 76.33