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Java with Special Edition for 90th Anniversary

Special edition for Java in celebration of the brand’s new year. At the 90th anniversary of Java, a special version of the bike with dual channel anti-lock brake system (ABS) was launched. There will be only 90 units of the Java Nineteenth Anniversary Edition for sale. The bike at the Delhi showroom costs about Rs 1.92 lakh for the standard Java.

A special version of Java will hit dealerships next week. For those who are currently booking and are looking for a new booking under 22, they have the opportunity to get this limited time Java.

As the demand is so high, the owners of this special version of Java can choose by lot. After announcing the draw, the winners will be handed over to the Java Nantriath Anniversary Edition. Designed in 1929 as the brand’s first motorcycle, the Java 500 OHV is inspired by the red and ivory colors. A special sign commemorating the 90th anniversary falls on the bike’s fuel tank; And special order number.

The limited-edition version of Java is unchanged from the technical side; The bike is powered by a 293cc, single cylinder, liquid cooled and DOCH engine. This engine is capable of 27bhp and 28Nm of torque.

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