It really filled my eyes when my mother said that - Jomol's mother-in-law said these words about her daughter-in-law

It really filled my eyes when my mother said that – Jomol’s mother-in-law said these words about her daughter-in-law

There are many actors and actresses who came to cinema as child actors and shocked the Malayalee audience. Jomol played the role of Unniyarcha’s child in Mammootty’s Vadakkan Veeragatha ‘. Since then, Joe Mol has acted as a child in several films, including Anargam and My Dear Grandfather. The actress is popularly known as Janaki Kutty among Malayalam film lovers. This adjective given by the Malayalee audience alone is enough to measure the acceptance of the star in Kerala.

Jomol made her acting debut in Jayaram starrer Sneham. She became the Best Actress in 1998 with her own film Janaki Kutty. Since then, he has acted in several films including Niram, Deepasthambham Mahascharyam, Mayilpeelikkavu, Punjabi House and Chithrashalabham. These films were widely received. After marriage, the film shows an actor who is not very active in this field in an interview conducted by private channels.

Now, the actor is sharing his family experiences with his fans along with his film career. Jomol, who leads an exemplary family life, is super in life just like in the movie. The fact that her mother Molly talks about the star is an example of this. Jomol’s mother talks openly about an experience that Joe Mol’s aunt told him after marriage.

Molly says that was the greatest joy she ever heard in her life. Thank God Molly gave me a daughter-in-law like this. Its credit goes to Molly. It’s for your family. If I have another birth, I must pass it on to your daughter-in-law, and bring it down as your daughter. They are my next born and my niece. Jomol’s mother says that her eyes were really filled when she said that.