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Ishant Sharma Opens Up About Match-Fixing Allegations On Mohammed Shami

Mohammad Shami is one of the talented pacers in Indian cricket. Shami’s career and life were rocked by personal upheavals while achieving success in his professional career.

Hasin Jahan, who was his wife, came forward with harsh allegations against the actor. They also said that Shami conspired. BCCI’s anti-corruption wing has also investigated the matter.

Now his teammate Ishant Sharma has revealed about the match-fixing allegations raised against Shami and the investigation. Ishant was speaking at Cricbus’ Rais of New India programme.

“BCCI’s anti-corruption wing had approached us all for an investigation into Hasin Jahan’s match-fixing allegations. They asked us if Shami could do the matchmaking. I told them I don’t know his personal stuff, but I’m 200 percent sure he won’t. Because I know him that much” – said Ishant.

Later Ishant added that Shami came to know that he had said that and that made their relationship even stronger.

Drooni Anil
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