Is Diya's engagement over?  This is the star's reaction to the news!

Is Diya Krishna’s engagement over? This is the star’s reaction to the news!

Diya Krishna, daughter of actor Krishna Kumar, is active on social media. The star has a lot of fans on the YouTube channel. In the Krishna Kumar family, the audience has a special fondness for Diya. Diya is open about anything.

Like Diya, the audience also knows his friend Vaishnav Harichandran. Vaishnavism often accompanies Diya in video and dance. The day before, Vaishnav had openly admitted that he and Diya were in love.

‘To my Instagram family members who are still skeptical about our relationship status, yes we are in love .. My close friend is now my girlfriend. Later, the news of their engagement came out.

Take a picture of Diya wearing a fancy dress and spread it as an engagement look. A photoshoot of Vaishnavism also accompanies this. But now Diya has come out saying that the news is fake.

Satyavastha Diya said this along with a screenshot of the YouTube channel that gave the news. ‘Wow! This page has found my future. I also decided on my engagement date. Cool, nothing to say. Vaishnav, have you been invited? ‘ Diya asks.