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Idukki Upputhara Anganwadi centre works in poor condition

Children do not come to the Anganwadi in Memari Adivasikudi for fear that the roof will collapse at any moment. The condition of the Anganwadi is now that the wall is cracked and the cement layers are falling off.

This is the plight of Memari Anganwadi in Kannampadi forest area, the third ward of Upputhara panchayat. Until the other day, children were taught by tying a tarpaulin over the leaking building. But the fear that the building has weakened again is the reason why parents are not ready to send their children. There are 103 tribal families in Memari. The Anganwadi building was built 25 years ago on 10 cents of land that was given free of cost to the children there.

A few years later, the building fell into disrepair. Since then, the locals have been demanding that the building be repaired. But no action was taken. The locals used paduta to protect the building from getting wet. But all the walls were broken. Layers of cement fell from the varka of the roof. There is no other building here that can be conveniently moved to another building.

The social welfare department has suggested that the Anganwadi building will be constructed by including one crore in the fund allocated by the Scheduled Tribes Development Department to Memari Adivasikudi. But it has to have project. The approval of the Scheduled Tribe Department should also be obtained. Later to construct the building. The authorities themselves do not know how much delay there may be. Until then, the education of the children of Memari Adivasikudi will be suspended.

Drooni Anil
Drooni Anil
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