I was useless and nothing when I did all this in the past: Joju George about the bike stunt

Actor Joju George says that he has been doing motorbike stunts since he was young. “People used to call us useless when we did this with our friends in ‘Mala’,” he said. The photo of Joju George doing an RX Hundred bike stunt has gone viral in recent days. The picture was taken by fans from the location of his new movie ‘Peace’.

‘That’s a good joke. When we were young, when we did bike stunts like this with our friends in ‘Mala’, people used to call us useless. I can do this now because I did all this at a young age. It’s been a long time “said Jojo. Joju George plays the role of Carlos in the movie called ‘Peace’. Joju describes his character as an old freakin guy’. “Carlos is a man who lives his life at the top, enjoying,” JoJo said.

Sanfeer K. is directing the film. Filming is in progress in Thodupuzha. The film also stars Atithi Ravi, Shalu Rahim and Asha Sarath. The film is written by Zafar Sanal and Ramesh Girija. Shamir Gibran is the photographer. Editor Noufal Abdullah, Art Sreejith Odakali, Music by Jubair Mohammad, Project Designer Badusha.