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I have experienced in my life the events that I portrayed in that film – Ann Sheetal with revelation

And Sheetal’s face is familiar to Malayalees. The actress has garnered the attention of the audience through her films like Ezra and Ishq. The actor was highly praised for his role in Ezra. Later, Ishq starred in the film. Shine Nigam was the hero in this movie. Ishq was a super hit movie. The film was directed by Anuraj Manohar. Different theme and directing style were the hallmarks of the film.

Ishq tells the story of moral policing and the misery it causes to individuals. This film points to the biggest problem facing our society. With this, the film was able to interact with the new generation quickly. The film is about gay lovers who are subjected to severe moral policing.

Just like that, the climax of the film was something different. Ann Sheetal portrayed the heroine very strongly, pointing her middle finger at her lover who doubted her chastity. Now the words of Ann Sheetal are remarkable. The actor revealed about an incident that happened in his real life. The actor revealed this in an interview.

The actor was asked if he had ever shown his middle finger to anyone in real life like Ishq. The actor replied that there was. The actor said that he had shown his middle finger to a flower that was harassing him while going with his friends and that this had happened in Kochi. Meanwhile, the actor also debuted in Tamil. The actress played the lead role in the Tamil film Kali Das. The film was released in 2019. Bharath was the hero in this movie. Apart from films, the actor has also acted in music videos.

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