I felt a terrible crush on that hero and that beard, and that was my first crush - Anashwara Rajan with revelation

I felt a terrible crush on that hero and his beard, and that was my first crush – Anaswara Rajan with revelation

Anashwara Rajan is a young actress who has become an active presence in Malayalam cinema with very few films. Anashwara Rajan is an actress who used to do great roles at a young age and amaze the Malayalee audience. The star already has many fans all over Kerala. Immortal has also acquired a number of fan groups that are active on social media.

Anashwara Rajan is the little beauty who became the favorite of the Malayalee audience through the movie Thanneer Mathan Dinangal. Earlier, the actress had acted as Manju Warrier’s daughter in the film Sujatha. Thanneer Mathan Dinangal was the best film of the actress’ career. He later acted in the movie First Night. Anashwara had garnered attention on social media several times for announcing his stance.

The actor is now sharing with the audience a crush he felt as a child. Nandanam was a film released in the year I was born. After that, I remember seeing that movie on TV when I was eight years old. That’s how it looked, and I felt a terrible crush on its protagonist. So I became a big fan of Prithviraj Sir. Nandanam is also on my list of favorite movies. I really liked something about that movie. Immortal Rajan reveals.

The actor, who is very active on social media, shares his experiences with fans every day. The actor gets a good response from the audience. All the pictures and posts shared by Anashwara Rajan are taken by the audience moment by moment. Many people follow the actress through social media. Often, immortal images capture the audience’s attention. Many films receive criticism, support and response.