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I am not adopting and bringing up, this is my own blood, this is the daughter born to Revathi at the age of 52.

Revathi was once a prominent presence in Malayalam cinema. The actor has managed to make many fans with his acting skills. Last day was the wedding of Karthika Nair and Rohit. Many actors from the Tamil – Thelink – Malayalam – Kannada film industry attended the wedding. Radha did not spare any of her old friends. Revathi, Suhasini, Parvathi, Jalaja, Kartika, Nandini, Chippi and so on. Everyone was asking about the child who came with Revathi for the wedding. Revathi was with her and protected her. It was Revathi’s daughter Mahi.

Revathi revealed that she gave birth to a child with the help of a test tube at the age of 52, when her daughter was five years old. Later, she talked about her daughter in many interviews, but Revathi showed her daughter in front of the camera only on rare occasions. Mahi came to the wedding with her mother in a silk skirt and blouse, with a garland of jasmine flowers on her head. Mahi can be seen in the video looking curiously at the cameras, her mother’s friends and the crowd from the moment she landed.

At the same time, initially the news was that Revathi was adopting a child and bringing it up. But Revathi herself came to the scene revealing that I am not adopting and raising her, this is my own blood. Revathi, who married Suresh Chandramohan in 1896, ended the relationship in 2013. Later in life it was decided that she did not want a partner. Revathi is a person who has worked in many fields like director, screenwriter, dancer, dubbing artist and social worker. A person who is very clear about every attitude and decision taken in life.

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