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Hyundai reaches 13 electric cars

South Korean manufacturer Hyundai Motor plans to triple the number of electric cars in the model range in three years. The company, which currently sells five electric cars, will have 13 such models by 2022.

Hyundai will introduce six sedans and seven crossovers in the electric vehicle segment. These cars come with electric, hybrid fuel and plug-in hybrid powertrains. Hyundai is also planning to unveil the 2020 Ionic at the Los Angeles Auto Show this month. The Sonata Hybrid will debut at the Chicago Auto Show next year.

Hyundai Motor America Vice President (Product, Corporate and Digital Planning) Mike O’Brien explains that the company is prepared to meet the needs of the environment and meet the diverse needs of its customers. Hyundai aims to achieve a diverse range of models with the possibility of an alternative propulsion suitable for the new era.

O’Brien explained that the company is striving to deliver a product line that meets their aspirations and expectations without frustrating those who are interested in eco-friendly opportunities in the travel industry.

Prashant P Patil
Prashant P Patil
Senior Journalist
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