Hrithik Roshan's baby born in Kattappana celebrated on social media

Hrithik Roshan’s baby born in Kattappana celebrated on social media

Vishnu Unnikrishnan is one of the most beloved stars of Kerala. Hrithik Roshan, who later starred in Kattappana, will be seen in small roles in the film. Vishnu Unnikrishnan also wrote the script for Amar Akbar Antony. Vishnu also plays a minor role in the film.

Vishnu Unnikrishnan is also very active on social media. He is constantly sharing his latest experiences with his fans again and again. But the story that Vishnu is sharing now is very special. From now on Vishnu is also becoming a father. Vishnu Unnikrishnan shared this information with his fans through his official Instagram account.

“Not a single baby was born here. Three people, including a father and a mother, were born today ”- this was the caption given by Vishnu Unnikrishnan to the film. Vishnu Unnikrishnan gave birth to a baby boy. Vishnu’s wife’s name is Aishwarya.

The couple got married this year. The wedding took place on February 2. All the superstars in the film industry were present at the wedding. The wedding photos of the stars including Mohanlal had created a huge wave on social media. A lot of people are now coming up with compliments at the bottom of the post.

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