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He slapped my face seven times and finally my cheeks turned red. Finally the director apologized

Vidhubala is a well-known person to Malayalis. Vidhubala has acted both as a heroine and a co-heroine. Vidhubala retired from acting after marriage and returned as a television host. Vidhubala had previously spoken about his response to directors who misbehaved with him. Those words were, I was booked in one of his Tamil films. 24 hours a day. I don’t have a problem with that. But when I came to the set and was told to stand in position, I held my hand and stood aside. After one or two times, sir, please let me move and say it is enough. It didn’t quite sit well with him. The beating scene should be taken. Struck seven times by Hero. AVM Rajan was the hero. The director will say that it is not enough to act as beaten.

His cheeks turned red at the end. Hero is upset. I said I will come now and went to the room. Told the producer I was going home. Everyone came running. The money spent so far will be refunded. But father will not force Mol if it is a behavior she does not like. Then the director called and apologized. He is an old man. He said that it will not happen again. Vidhubala then clarified that he acted later. Vidhubala also shared another experience that day. Another director had a similar grudge against me. He said that it would have been better if he had put some expression on his face in front of everyone at the shooting location. I can’t get anything more than this, I also think that I have done it in many pictures of sir. He said that Vidhu is too egotistical. It is true that I am egotistical, so I quit acting here. Finally Vidhubala said that the director apologized

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