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He doesn’t want to be in front of the camera like his father or his brother. Dulquer with the photo taken by Surumi!

Actor Dulquer Salmaan’s new movie is now getting attention on social media. There is also a peculiarity that this was copied by the star’s sister. Yes, the person with Dulquer in the picture is Dr. Surumi’s husband. The fans discovered that it was Reyhan. Dulquer gave the title of Surumi’s film Candid Capture. Dulquer shared the picture with the tags My One and Only, Sibling Click, Best, Candid Photos, Special Summit, InvestorMeet, Cleaning Up, and Businessman. Some people in the comments said that they could have shared a photo that could have cleared the face of the brother-in-law. Some people asked Dulquer through comments that what is the next Malayalam movie. Dulquer has appeared in the photo with a stylish smile in a formal dress with her brother-in-law.

Some of the other comments are, I have a sister… A fan praised Surumi’s candid picture of Dulquer saying that she doesn’t even know how to pose for a photo even if she stands straight. Dulquer often poses as a father and sister model. A few days ago, Mammootty’s pictures of Dulquer went viral. Recently, Surumi himself had answered the doubt why only Surumi did not come to the film. Surumi said that she likes movies but does not want to appear in front of the camera like Vappa or her brother.

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