Google brings ‘Chat’ platform

Google Chat

Google has decided launching a new platform based on Rich Communication Services (RCS). Named ‘Chat’, the platform will be used instead of its current consumer facing messaging app ‘Allo’. RCS, which Google has been using with carriers and OEMs for some times now, will thus power the Android Messages app. The availability of ‘Chat’ will also make the SMS platform on a better note. Chat involves the partnerships between mobile carriers and be powering the default SMS app with more features. Incidentally, Chat is going to directly take on popular messaging services such as WhatsApp and Telegram. However, there won’t be end-to-end encryption service in ‘Chat’, as was offered by the others.

Essentially an IP based messaging protocol, RCS will allow sharing images, and other media. Along with this, comes the Google Assistant support as well as a Web interface. It must be added that, Google had already partnered with 27 mobile carriers back in February, last year. Similar to iMessages, for those who use Chat, has also got an option of sending messages as regular SMSs. On the other hand, Chat will always be an open platform, unlike iMessages, which is closed in nature.