Glamour Photoshoot of the girl infornt of Temple, went viral and followed by controversies

On social media, it’s photoshoot springtime. It has become a fashion for Malayalees to do photoshoots for everything they touch and hold. But there is a community here that does not support any of this. They argue that none of this is in keeping with our culture and tradition. It is not uncommon to come under such images and burst into tears. But this time they have gone one step further.

Motiv Pix Studio Management, a media house, took a photoshoot yesterday and uploaded it on their Instagram page. As soon as the photos were uploaded, all the pictures were taken on social media. The film received rave reviews. But naturally, some uncles and aunts came here and started crying.

But another group of people is going one step further. They went to the next level in the name of hurting religion. The photoshoot was done by putting the set on the model of the temple. They claim that this is in a way that hurts the religion itself. They also filed a lawsuit against the company.

The complaint is against the studio management company, the photographer, and the model girl. With this, they removed all the pictures from social media accounts. Uncles and aunts in Kerala are now overjoyed when all the pictures have been removed. Their vow is to react the same way as part of cultural protection when they see such photoshoots again. In any case, the success of this team has given them great confidence. This will ensure that our culture stays the same for some time to come.